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Why Salt?

Salt has been used for it's medicinal properties since the beginning of time.

During the 1840's a doctor in Poland made the realization that salt miners were healthier than the average person. This was because the process of mining the salt filled the air with ultra fine particles of salt which they then breathed in. The result was that the miners never had any respiratory problems, enjoyed very healthy complexions, and seldom got sick due to very strong immune systems. This same doctor  started sending respiratory patients to stay in abandoned horizontal mineshafts, which were transformed into hospital wards. This passive type of treatment was called speleotherapy, as the area was no longer filled with saltdust. However the atmosphere within the saltmine shaft was slowly alleviating the breathing problems if not eliminating them completely.

During the 1950's the Russian Government wanted to find a way to make this therapy faster and more accessible for their people. Their efforts lead to the invention of the Halogenerator. A Halogenerator is a device that takes pharmaceutical grade salt and grinds it so finely that our body cannot filter, then blows a specific concentration into a treatment room where the people breathe it in, thus alleviating breathing problems. Early Halogenerators struggled to control salt concentration, but by the 1980's electronic controls had become sophisticated enough to cure this problem. Halotherapy really took off at that time in Eastern Europe, Russia alone has more than 1000 saltrooms which have been operating up to 50 years now.

Over time Halotherapy has made its way west and the first Saltroom opened in the US about 11 years ago. Now there are 900, and that number is expected to double in the next five years. Canada is lagging behind, but momentum is steadily building as more people realize how effective this non-invasive therapy is for respiratory ailments and skin problems.

A salt room can help with...

Dry salt therapy consistently demonstrates a dramatic positive effect on asthma symptoms. Over a series of sessions, inhalation of dry salt aerosol will bring about the improvement of mucocilliary clearance and decrease of bronchial inflammation, the decrease or elimination of pathogenic organisms, and a reduction of bronchial hyper-responsiveness. This translates into better lung function, fewer spasmodic attacks, and clearer lung passages. Naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory sodium chloride particles are carried into the deepest recesses of the bronchial system due to the unique aerosol dispersal system and the microscopic size of the particles. In controlled studies, the majority of subjects showed reduced bronchial obstruction, better drain function of the airways, and improved viscosity of bronchial secretions. The number and intensity of asthma attacks was reduced, and respiratory discomfort decreased or disappeared, which allowed most to reduce or even eliminate prescribed medications.
Inflammation is reduced due to natural properties of the inhales salt particles, which also thin bronchial and nasal secretions. Improved drainage allows for reduction in contaminants that may trigger or prolong allergic episodes. Additionally, slats ability to absorb edema from swollen mucosa linings in the sinuses and respiratory that opens airways to bring about quick relief of symptoms. Long term studies with allergy patients in Russia who reported remarkable improvement over a period of ten years have led to Dry Salt Therapy being recognized as a certified allergy treatment by the Russian Ministry of Health and other associations in Europe.
Dry salt therapy has an immediate remedial effect on the symptoms of colds and flu. Breathing becomes easier as inhaled salt aerosol naturally absorbs edema from swollen air passages and the mucus secretions so that drainage is easier. The dispersal system of microscopic salt particles used in this therapy allows the salt to be taken deep in to these cavities, bringing the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action to the root of the problem. Relief from the irritation of the sticky mucus secretions and debris, as well as the antispasmodic effect produce by calming negative ions, calms and quiets coughs. Equally important is the sterile, isolated treatment environment, free from exposure to any external challenges, which gives the immune system the chance to reassert itself in this supportive atmosphere and initiate a healing process. Additionally, the deep cleaning of the sinus capabilities and respiratory tract inherent in this type of treatment reduces the toxic load on the immune system, regardless of external exposure. A series of dry salt therapy treatments not only help to relieve and heal a current cold or flu episode, but increases the resistance to new infections for months in the future.
The multiple effects of Dry Salt Therapy work to cleanse the respiratory system and speed up the elimination of toxins in the body. Inflammation is reduced due to natural properties of the inhaled salt particles, which also thins bronchial and nasal secretions. The smallest micro particles of salt reach the lower respiratory system and work as a ‘bronchial toothbrush’ for the airways.
Dry Salt Therapy’s ability to reduce edema in passage and cavities not immediately accessible to other means of treatment make it the perfect solution for dealing with ear and sinus infections. It is perfectly safe and comfortable for children as well as adults, and can bring not only relief in the short term, but lasting resistance to recurrence of such infections. In the case of ear infections, aerosolized particles are able to penetrate deep into the internal passages of the ear, reducing inflammation, edema, and bacteria in the Eustachian tubes.
The multiple effects of dry salt therapy on the body enable it to address sleeping issues with a variety of causes. Most basically, snoring and sleep apnea caused by obstructed air passages is relieved due to the antiemetic and anti-inflammatory properties of salt particles. Air passages are opened and widened, and spasm of inflamed irritated tissue and smooth muscles are modulated, so restful breathing can be achieved. Many subjects have found relief from sleep apnea previously treated by drugs or sleep machines in a single session, with results improving daily as the series progressed.
Relief from the swollen tissues widens passages improving drainage and increasing aeration behind the tympanic membrane, reducing infection in the pockets where bacteria often builds due to collected fluid. Relief from sinus infections is also achieved through deep penetrating dry salt particles. The negative charge of halo-aerosol particles causes them to be literally drawn in to the essentially positively charged environment of inflamed and infected sinus cavities. Relief is achieved quickly as mucus secretions become thinner and are able to drain properly, removing trapped pockets of debris and bacteria. The ionic particles also stimulate the immune system, increasing the body’s innate ability to resist further infection as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the current episode. This can significantly reduce the use of antibiotics in chronic sufferers of ear and sinus infections.
Dry Salt Therapy has proven to be an invaluable resource for sufferers of cystic fibrosis. The hydrophilic and mucokinetic action of inhales salt particles thins unnaturally thick and sticky mucus, clearing accumulated secretions and unclogging passages in the bronchi and bronchiole. Other benefits are the absorption of edema from the mucosa lining of the airways and the reduction of inflammation in the respiratory tract and sinuses. The extreme viscous nature of mucus secretions in patients with this disease often causes a buildup of bacteria. According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on the effects of salt therapy on cystic fibrosis patients, “the results of our trial were revolutionary. We saw a sustained improvement in lung function, a major reduction in the number of lung flare-ups, a reduced need for antibiotics to treat flare-ups, and fewer days off school or work due to illness.”
Salt rooms isolate the individual in a stress-free environment that provides healing on a variety of levels while allowing the body to reassert its natural healthy balance. The negative charge and high surface energy of dry salt particles empowers them to penetrate internal airways more deeply, bonding with positive ions and calming and relaxing internal muscles as the nervous system rebalances. The same action is simultaneously performed externally as charged particles coat the skin, reducing chronic hypersensitivity caused by environmental stresses and encouraging cellular regeneration. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce the body’s toxic load giving relief to an overburdened immune system and the release of debris and inhaled particles is facilitated. Multiple sessions of treatment in this supportive environment reinforce the organism’s natural inclination toward a healthy balanced state, and enhance its ability to achieve it independently.
Dry Salt Therapy has been proven to have multidimensional positive effect on various forms of dermatitis, including acute symptoms of acne, psoriasis and eczema. Depositing on open skin areas, dry salt particles increases activity of skin ion channels, stimulating cell growth and regeneration. Dry salt particles balance skin pH and auto flora, as well as reducing harmful bacteria and inflammation. After a series of treatments, study subjects showed decreased itching, decreased or resolved scaling of the skin, and the drying and healing of small fissures, scratches and exudative symptoms. Skin and respiratory disease are often coexistent, and dermatitis is associated with other issues of the immune system. The effects of inhaled salt particles on the respiratory tract decrease bacteria and improve bronchial drainage, thus decreasing overall toxicity and reducing the likelihood of future outbreaks. The sterile environment and negative ions inside the salt room relax and modulate the nervous system, freeing the body from the stresses of external stimuli and initiating healing and rebalancing. Multiple studies in Russian have shown salt therapy to be effective in the relief of dermatitis symptoms and potential long-term benefits as part of a total body approach to healing.

What Our Clients Say About Halo

  • Amazing place leaves you feeling calm and relax highly recommend you check this place out and all the different services they offer.

    Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon

  • First time today !! My chest and sinuses were congested, was feeling awful!! Can’t believe how much better I feel now!!! I am amazed!!! Wow!!!

    Kelly Ward-MacDonald

  • Our son started his usual cough, so we decided to try the salt room….being that he plays rep hockey and he had 3 games in a row. His next game was by far his best. We are going back tommorow and plan on making it a regular thing. and the coughing was reduced dramatically. With kids under 14 being free with a parent, I went in with him and I felt a lot better after the treatment too.  Terry and Aldea are so accommodating.

    Jack Andre

  • Cannot believe how relaxing Halo Salt therpy is..I had my first treatment today and see a difference in my cough.

    Jackie Imrie

  • I highly recommend the halo salt room to anyone and everyone , can,t say enough good about it…so glad we have one here in Cornwall. Super nice staff, who are caring and helpful!

    Maureen McCosham May

  • I watched my father work through a months worth of treatment, he was a new man. He could barely muster up enough oxygen to take out the garbage, and after his treatment, I watched him mow the grass of his entire double lot without issue…

    …I HIGHLY recommend trying the salt room is you suffer from breathing issues, allergies, etc. It will literally change your life.

    Sara Lauzon

  • Been having issues with breathing and shortness of breathe. I spent the last month and bit with The halotherapy and find my breathing easier, less coughing and i sleep better at night.its been an excellent investment of time. I will be back again. Definitely worthwhile.

    Robert Zwanenburg

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