Halo Generators

Personal / Portable Use


The ISR Pro halo-generator transforms any treatment room into a salt room, producing a nearly invisible, powerful dry salt aerosol in only 5 minutes. With it, you can easily create a salt room experience or offer a massage add-on that boosts your clients’ and your therapists’ health, and increases revenue.

Truly the world’s most efficient salt aerosol machine, the ISR-PRO requires less salt than other machines, producing a therapeutic salt aerosol in 5 minutes compared to what other products produce in 45.

It yields fine salt particles — 5 microns or less — which easily enter the lungs and sinuses to help eliminate allergy symptoms, reduce asthma inflammation and kill rhinoviruses. Your spa clientele will breathe more freely within minutes, and there is negligible salt dust left behind on surfaces.

The ISR-Pro Halo-Generator is…

  • Designed for small spaces, so it can fit virtually anywhere
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Hassle-free with no installation or HVAC renovations required
  • Easy to clean in under one minute

All of this means you can provide the equivalent of a halotherapy experience in any room of your choosing, at any time!

Professional Use


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The "HaloSmart-01" Halogenerator is a truly revolutionary device for wellness procedures and prevention of respiratory tract diseases. It is intended for use at SPA and wellness centres, hotels, and private homes. Unlike our other halogenerators, "HaloSmart-01" has a touch screen, where the user can get everything from user’s instruction manual (in five languages) to versatile statistics as well as create programmes (or choose from a list of existing programmes). The user familiarizes with the terminology, provided with a detailed information on the device functions, and is provided with the answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as other relevant information. Now the HaloSmart has the internet option - you can manage the device and control a salt therapy session being out of the salt room.

HaloSPA 03

The "HaloSPA 03" Halogenerator is designed for wellness procedures and prevention of the respiratory tract diseases. It is intended for use at SPA and wellness centres, hotels, and private homes. We also offer an improved "HaloSPA 03" halogenerator version - the "HaloPrima-02M" halogenerator, which is certified as II a Class medical device and intended for use at medical institutions.


The GDA-01-17 Halogenerator is used for therapeutic purposes and can be installed in hospitals, rehabilitation and SPA centres, physical therapy clinics, and hotels. The device is officially registered in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Ukraine, Canada, Poland, Russia, China, and other countries. In 2005, the GDA device was certified as complying with the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. The GDA-01-17 Halogenerator bears the CE-mark certification and complies with the European electrical standards (Certificates).


HaloSet – is the most compact halogenerator specially designed for small salt rooms in different spa and wellness organizations or for private use at home. Full control and maintenance of salt aerosol concentration is controlled by sensor that guarantees the right  quantity of healthy salt aerosol in small salt rooms and cabins. HaloSet is located inside rooms and offers different variants of fastening and installation. The generator has a remote control and offers a great selection of session programs, even the ability to set two different programs per session.

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