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There have been no North American studies on the effectiveness of Halotherapy, however the Russians have done several. They found Halotherapy to be completely effective in 93-97% of the people tested. It is also effective for pets and horses and there are saltrooms specifically devoted to them.

How does Halotherapy work?
Halotherapy is also known as dry salt therapy. Dry salt is ultra absorbent, moist salt is not. If you have ever been oceanside for a holiday you will have noticed your breathing became clearer the longer you stayed. That is because you were breathing evaporated salt water which clears your sinus cavities much like using a Nettie pot. The benefits are restricted to just that. Dry salt therapy is much more effective because the salt is so much more absorbent.When you are having a Halotherapy session the salt has been heated to make it as absorbent as possible. It then goes into the Halogenerator which grinds the salt down to


between 1/2 to 10 microns-(our bodies cannot filter anything smaller than
25 microns) then blows a very specific concentration into the treatment
room and maintains it for your entire session.  As you relax in the saltroom and breathe this concentration in it is working very hard for you. Firstly the micronized salt is acting like a gentle sandblaster and stripping mucus from your sinuses down through your bronchial tubes and into the lung. Salt is anti-inflammatory, so it is opening the airways so breathing is becoming easier. Salt is also antibacterial and anti fungal, and ultra absorbant, therefore the salt particles draw moisture from our cells and loosen built up mucus so it can be expectorated. Because everything in our respiratory system is moist, any pathogen the salt contacts becomes neutralized and absorbed. Because salt is also water soluble your body can now dispose of the pathogens through your waste system, so drink some extra water after your session. Everything about the treatment is subtle and calming, in fact many people fall asleep during their session. Many also report sleeping is improved afterwards as well. There are protocols for different breathing ailments so it’s also important that you make sure you have a consultation with a certified halotherapist.

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