This year more than ever we are focused on our health. We are also acutely aware that our seniors need to be protected more than ever. Why not stop by and pick up a Gift Certificate for Salt Therapy as a stocking stuffer for the older people in the family? Studies have shown Halotherapy works as a respiratory cleanse and to strengthen the immune system. It makes sense to take extra care at this time. Considering we are into flu season and Covid is still out there and not showing any signs of letting up. We are spending even more time than usual locked up in our homes. When we do go out we’re wearing a mask and rebreathing much of our own CO2, which is very unhealthy. 

You may be asking yourself how Halotherapy can help?During a session in the Salt Room you relax in a low light environment sitting in a zero gravity chair and inhale micronized pharmaceutical salt particles deep into the lungs. 

How can salt help our breathing?Salt is known as an anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, super absorbent and crystalline in form. Research has shown that when inhaled, it clears and loosens up mucus and kills pathogens. This is why our breathing is improved after a session. 

How long has Halotherapy been around? I’ve never heard of it! Salt therapy became an emerging health option during the 1980’s in eastern Europe. They have several thousand Salt Rooms there. It came stateside about 11 years ago and the US has approximately 900 Salt Rooms at this time. Canada is lagging behind, but the number is growing every year. 

If I have a breathing problem will a single visit for Halotherapy help? Those that have had a session will tell you, Absolutely! You will often notice your breathing improving after a session, it’s a matter of how much – different problems will see varying results. For most breathing ailments there have been protocols established over the last 40 years. Realize that each person is an individual so results can vary a little. Having said that, in the last 2.5 years that we’ve been in business, the results have been amazing! 

Do I have to have a breathing problem to benefit? No, we are all subjected to various irritants in the environment be it at work, at home, or outside from time to time. It could be allergens, poor air quality indoors or outdoors or any number of things that irritate our respiratory system from time to time or season to season. In fact many top athletes use Halotherapy to maximize their performance! 

Have there been any studies into the effectiveness of Halotherapy?Yes, there have been many, however not in North America. The Russians did extensive studies when developing Halotherapy and after. These are available from The Salt Therapy Association’s website - 

With everything that’s going on right now is it safe?Yes it is, we follow extensive safety and sanitizing protocols – covid screening, masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing etc. In fact the Salt Room is one of the safest and most relaxing places you could be! 

How do I book an appointment? Give us a call to book.Sessions start on the hour as follows:Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 10-7pmTuesday, Thursday, Saturday- 10-5pm 

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy holiday season, 

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